24 October 2008


Today I took the subway. Usually I take the bicycle, but it was raining and it was friday and it happened to be my last day before my two weeks off so I rewarded myself with a free ride.

I was scared stiff when the doors openend and I entered the tube. My favourite girl from the supermarket was standing there.

I’ve never seen her anywhere else than at the supermarket. Always wearing the same obliged clothes. All the employees at the supermarket wear the same clothes. At the supermarket she’s just one of the checkout girls.

She was gazing through the windowpane, listening to her ipod.

I didn’t dare to look at her, started to blush. She looked adultary and gourgeous. To me she’s my daily solar ray, even now the fall has started and the rain is pouring down.

I passed her and appropriated some space at another door. I don’t like to sit down, I prefer to stand on my own feet. I took my discman out of my pocket, put in my earplugs and pressed play. I turned my head once for a final look.

Her outfit told me she wasn't gonna be a checkout girl today.